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My Family & Friends here on DA:
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My Commissioners of the Arts:
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Artists that I just love looking at the art/photos of:
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The Family Nobleheart

These are the Noblehearts:

First Portrait of Lord Nobleheart by LordNobleheart Pure Lord - Lord Nobleheart's Full Profile by LordNobleheart
Lord Nobleheart, the Father

First Portrait of Lavender Snow and Tabitha Embers by LordNobleheart Lavender and Tabitha - Sexy Mode by LordNobleheart Happy 35th Birthday Daddy by LordNobleheart Lavender and Tabitha - Sexy Mode 2 by LordNobleheart Nobleheart Chess Sisters by LordNobleheart The Nobleheart Sisters - Holiday Party Edition by LordNobleheart The Sisters Nobleheart and the Mythical Forest by LordNobleheart Daddy's Girls by LordNobleheart Thirty Third DColor - Nippon Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Thirty Sixth DColor - Cosplay Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Thirty Sixth DColor - Shin Cosplay Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Young Lavender and Tabitha by LordNobleheart The Truth is in the Slime Suits by LordNobleheart
And his two girls,
Lavender Snow and Tabitha Embers

First Portrait of Lavender Snow by LordNobleheart Lavender Snow by LordNobleheart Pure Lavender - Lavender Snow's Profile (Updated) by LordNobleheart Daddy Birthday Girl 3 by LordNobleheart Cowgirl Lavender by LordNobleheart Lavender Snow 2013 by LordNobleheart Daddy's Girlpaper  by LordNobleheart Daddy's Girl by LordNobleheart Nobleheart Special - Lavender Photo by LordNobleheart The Modeling Lavender Snow by LordNobleheart
First Portrait of Tabitha Embers by LordNobleheart Pure Tabitha - Tabitha Embers' Profile (Updated) by LordNobleheart Tabitha Embers by LordNobleheart Guardian of Daddy's Throne by LordNobleheart Daddy Birthday Girl 5 by LordNobleheart Victorian Lady Tabitha by LordNobleheart Tabitha Embers 2013 by LordNobleheart Daddy's Lil Film Girl by LordNobleheart Daddy's Lil Portrait Girl by LordNobleheart Daddy's Lil Girl by LordNobleheart Nobleheart Special - Tabitha Photo by LordNobleheart
Individual pictures of the girls

The Pure Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Twentith DColor - Revisiting The Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Daddy and His Girls by LordNobleheart After Shave Kisses by LordNobleheart Sleepy Love Noblehearts by LordNobleheart Happy Birthday Noblehearts by LordNobleheart The Nobleheart Halloween Cosplay 2013 by LordNobleheart House of Nobleheart - Original by LordNobleheart Second ADColor - House of Nobleheart True Ver. by LordNobleheart Second ADColor - House of Nobleheart Alter Ver. by LordNobleheart
Pictures of Daddy with his Girls

Jenni Forrest the Third Nobleheart Sister by LordNobleheart Colt Wagner by LordNobleheart Sue Li Chen by LordNobleheart
The Nobleheart BFFs by LordNobleheart Jenni And Lavender - BFF Fashionistas by LordNobleheart
Pictures of Lavender and Tabitha's BFFs
(From Left to Right)
Jenni Forrest - Colt Wagner - Sue Li Chen

My Adopted

The Love Divas by LordNobleheart
The Love Divas"
Morgaine, Yushis, Viviane and Lafayette

The Monster Girls by LordNobleheart
"The Monsters Girls - Agents of Demise"
"Lust" Agent Lumiere (Slime Girl)
w/her Human Form - Lumiere Salazar
& "Wrath" Agent Lilin (Naga)
w/ her Human Form - Lilin Melendez

Thirty Second DColor - Lust and Wrath by LordNobleheart
Lumiere and Wrath together

The Monster Girls 2 - Moriko and Mundina by LordNobleheart
"The Monsters Girls - Agents of Demise"
"Sloth" Agent Moriko (Yurei)
w/her Human Form - Moriko Yoshizaki
& "Pride" Agent Mundina (Nixie)
w/ her Human Form - Mundina Wilson

The Monster Girls 3 - Remiel + Marzena and Anemone by LordNobleheart
"The Monsters Girls - Agents of Demise"
"Envy" Agent Anemone (Harpy)
w/her Human Form - Anenome Mangas
& "Greed" Agent Arima du Marzena (Yakshini)
w/ her Human Partner/Avatar - Remiel Kappel

The Crow and the Rose by LordNobleheart
"The Crow and the Rose"
Murasaki Mooncrow & Titania Rosewood

Maids for Baxter by LordNobleheart
"Maids For Baxter"
Monroe Taylor Vanderbilt &
Agnes Lum Stroganov

Snowlace Le Fey by LordNobleheart
"Snowlace Le Fey"
Snowy Lacen Manchester "Snowlace",
Queen Blizza Le Fey,
Peppa Mindeer & Speara Mindeer

Code Name Honeybee Wise by LordNobleheart
"Code Name: Honeybee Wise"
Honeybee Wise, Background and Foreground

Oh Honey...Be Wise! by LordNobleheart
"Code Name: Honeybee Wise"
The Transformation of Brooklyn Wyzer

Life of Zinnia by LordNobleheart
"Life of Zinnia"
Zinnia the Dahli

Third Log...The Japan Bucket List...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 2:08 PM
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are 2 weeks away from me leaving America for a 2 week adventure in Japan. To give you good folk an idea of what my plans and hopes for this trip entails, here's my "Bucket List" for this trip:

The Japan Bucket List


    ·         See a sunrise in Japan

    ·         See a sunset in Japan

    ·         Visit Mount Fuji(Fuji-san)

    ·         Visit Tokyo Sky Tree

    ·         Visit Tokyo Tower

    ·         Ride the Metro(Tokyo and Kyoto)

    ·         Ride a Bullet Train

    ·         Enjoy Japan's Countryside

    ·         Explore Kyoto, especially Gion

    ·         Visit Nara

    ·         Visit at least 5 temples

    ·         Explore and Shop in Akihabara

    ·         Explore and Shop in Shibuya

    ·         Explore and Shop in Shinjuku

    ·         Explore Chiyoda, especially Marunouchi, Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace

    ·         Experience Japanese Nightlife

    ·         Enjoy some drinking, Japanese Style

    ·         Eat at least one high price meal in Japan

    ·         Be fearless and open to eating unique/strange Japanese food and drink

    ·         Enjoy a festival

    ·         Eat only Japanese themed fast food from McDonalds and other known chains

    ·         Get and enjoy some matcha and other Japanese teas

    ·         Take reference photos and videos for family and friends

    ·         Go to the movies in Japan

    ·         Watch some Japanese TV

    ·         Watch/Participate in a Japanese Show/Martial Art

    ·         Participate in a Tea Ceremony

    ·         Bathe in a hot spring

    ·         Get and enjoy some Japanese treats

    ·         Get acquainted with my friend Mariko

    ·         Enjoy a bowl or two of cereal with my friend Neko Punch

    ·         Bring home some Japanese soil

    ·         See the Sakura

    ·         Explore at least 2 areas of Western Tokyo

    ·         Explore at least 2 Tokyo Wards outside the already chosen spots

    ·         See/Meet a Geiko or Maiko(Geisha)

    ·         See/Meet a Sumo

    ·         See/Meet a Japanese Cosplayer

    ·         See/Meet a Ganguro and/or a similarly "rebellious" fashion style

    ·         See/Meet a Lolita(Gothic and/or Sweet)

    ·         Find Great Inspiration(s)

    ·         Eat, at least once, the following foods that I have eaten and love:

              Curry Rice - Ramen - Instant Ramen - Sushi - Takoyaki - Dango

If any of you have any ideas and suggestions to add to my list, you are welcome to make a comment and share it with me. Until then...


LaVar J Foxworth
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


LaVar J Foxworth
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Favourite genre of music: Smooth Jazz

Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga

Operating System: Windows 8

MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman

Favourite cartoon character: 1. Ami Mizuno(Sailor Mercury), 2. Rukia Kuchiki, 3. (Tie) Taiga Aisaka and Holo

Personal Quote: "In the end, I will win." - Personal Quote



Dirty Dirty Posing by Ctrl-Alt-Dlt-Drawing

This is an amazingly sexy piece. The face and the body positioning is delicious. The eyes are like lures that brings you close. You hav...

Hippie by Labrinth63

Very impressive camera shot with the model nicely lit and excellent country field background. Using the vintage camera filter gives the...

TIME ATTACK 132 by IDarkShadowI

For a piece of work that's been done in 20 minutes, this is very impressive. Good, simple pose, nice posture, and a nice touch of cute ...

Curiosity Question 5 - What is it that you seek most in your artistic endeavors? 

8 deviants said Giving Life To Your Vision
3 deviants said Gaining Happiness/Peace
3 deviants said I Don't Know What I Want...Yet
2 deviants said Any Combination Of The Above Seven
1 deviant said Achieving Fame & Glory
No deviants said Being Challenged/Disproving Any Doubt
No deviants said Showcasing Your Love Or Need To Be Loved
No deviants said Fulfulling A Request For Someone Or A Tribute to Someone
No deviants said Finding The Answer To An Important Question

Artist Appreciation - The Spectacular Six

As an art lover here on dA,
this is my way of appreciating you
artists out there that impressed me
in big and small ways.

Abel takes Yugi's Breath Away by dhim "I Cut Myself Shaving" Dance by dhim BACK DAT ASS UP. by dhim
Bonus Prize! - Elena vs. Ogre by dhim

Pattern of chinese by Estheryu Princess Luciana by Estheryu winter rabbit by Estheryu
Bonus Prize! - Chinese Flower by Estheryu

Katara in a Water tribe formal gown by selinmarsou the princess of Mercury by selinmarsou W I N T E R by selinmarsou
Bonus Prize! - p h a r a o h by selinmarsou

The Handheld and the Heartthrob by Skirtzzz Lucy- Swept Away by Skirtzzz A Strange Encounter by Skirtzzz
Bonus Prize! - HNGHHHHHHHHH by Skirtzzz

Hula Girl Dakimakura Design by ShoNuff44 -SHRED-  Shredded Champion by ShoNuff44 ThumpieBunnie Eve vs Teen Titans by ShoNuff44
Bonus Prize! - S-N-S Short: Look Who I found by ShoNuff44

Delfine Pose by BadmanBastich SlimeSuit OC by BadmanBastich Poison Ivy St. Patty'ss Day by BadmanBastich
Bonus Prize! - Harley Ivy Sappy Love by BadmanBastich

The Page Turner





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